Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation 

Privates~ (home, office, boat)

Parties~ (kids birthday's ~ anniversary, retirement)

Water~ (your pool or mine)



Motivational/Inspirational Speaker Offerings...

Topics such as:
                      Stress Less ~ If you pray why worry? If you worry, why pray?
                       Regroup, Unwind, Begin Again  ~ A 30 second secret to calmness.  
                      Care givers time-out ~

These are a few examples of past speaking engagements Grace has offered to Hospice of Martin County and The Parkinsons Care Givers Association. Focus is on being gentle with ourselves, while learning the many benefits of Yoga, Tai Chi, deep breathing and meditation. Proper breath techniques are broken down and made easy.

Let's give it a try! Sit back in your chair, lengthen spine & soften shoulders. Part teeth slightly. Relax jaw.
Inhale deeply through nose. Hold. 
Exhale with a nice long ahhhh sound. Now we're ready! *.*

Nostril breathing only please.

Inhale slowly through nose. 
Hold gently.
Exhale slowly through nose.

Counting slowly.

Begin.  Inhaling 2, 3, 4,
          Holding  2, 3, 4,    
          Exhaling 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Again.  Inhaling 2, 3, 4,
          Holding  2, 3, 4,
          Exhaling 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Again. Inhaling 2, 3, 4,
         Holding  2, 3, 4,
         Exhaling 2, 3, 4, 5,6

Allow shoulders to melt.

And together, let's remember to remember...
this peace 
is exhale away. 

Invite Grace to shed some light on your next gathering.