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                  The Moxie Method is an innovative and entertaining assertiveness training program for girls. Developed to encourage and inspire teens and pre-teens to discover and celebrate the best-version-of-themselves.

Founded by Grace Coffey, a successful entrepreneur, teacher, speaker and educator, 
Moxie is ‘reaching out’ to teens and teaching them the merits of ‘reaching in’. The Moxie Method is helping young adults learn life skills that will enable them to walk through their fear to fulfill their dreams and goals.

Grace’s inspiration and self-empowerment techniques arise directly from her years of  personal experience in constructing the “Moxie Toolbox” —  everything you need to develop confidence, caring and self-acceptance in one simple package! She teaches by example, story  telling, movement and role-playing in a  dynamic, creative, and refreshingly funny way! Her motto: "If it's not fun, I'm not interested." You can count on an uplifting, joyful experience in a safe space that allows your child to thrive!



     ~What matters most is how we see ourselves~

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An energetic and radiant teacher, Grace Coffey has developed an instructional style based on experience, knowledge, and engagement. Reciprocal respect and integrity are practiced in every lesson. She is known for keeping the mood light, and the kids laughing. Forget the eyeliner and lip gloss, all else pales in comparison to the Moxie Makeover!


Donna Cleary, M.A., M.Ed.

 If there is one fact I know about Grace, it is that she lives up to her namesake! Gracious in spirit, love and compassion, she abounds with an infectious playful energy that most dream of possessing. I have         experienced nothing but top quality professionalism in her yoga classes. She is sensitive to the needs of her students and delivers instruction with ease, diversity and unconditional love. Grace is most adept at    maintaining a presence with people that is             inspirational. There is a difference between a "good" and a "great" teacher. Grace possesses that quality of "greatness" that no words can describe.

Ginny Luther MS,  LGA, CCDI
Peaceful Parenting / Conscious Discipline

 Grace Coffey has always been an  inspiration  to me!  Grace and I were co-workers at a Health Club in the 1980's.  I was always amazed by her energy, focus, positive attitude and enthusiasm!  She has that natural ability to "make things happen" for herself and, at the same time, inspire others to do the same!  She is
generous, loyal, and hilarious. 

Diane B. Anderson
Burbank, CA

 Grace Coffey helped me overcome a bullying situation when I was nine years old.  She taught me how to not be afraid and to stand up for myself.  It only took her about 5 minutes to show me how to speak to "this boy" and she had me laughing so hard as we role played, that there was no way I could see the situation in the same way.  Needless to say, "that boy" never bothered me again! 

Stephy Rae, age 15 
Los Angeles, CA

Grace is available to offer a "Moxie Method Training" at your facility.  Call for details.

Overcoming the "bully" phase with comfortable confidence!